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a Fried Bagels production


RadioLINK was six-week radio project that aired on WMFO 91.5FM in Medford/Boston (Tufts University) and Allston-Brighton Free Radio in the February & March of 2001. The purpose was to have a half-hour newsmagazine on internet / dot-com issues that was delivered in a public radio style.

The show was born towards the end of the dot-com "bubble", right when everyone still thought that all things were possible, and that a "new economy" was upon the United States, perhaps even the world. Technology for technology's sake was rampant throughout many facets of everyone's lives and RadioLINK attempted to bring the more arcane aspects out for a public discussion. It was not a show for the non-technical; it was directly aimed at the dot-com crowd. Produced by geeks, for geeks, with geek pride, in the geek mecca of Boston, Massachusetts.

The entire project was created, managed, produced, hosted and engineered by Aaron Read and was a Fried Bagels production. It was ended after the workload became too great to continue doing the show on a part-time volunteer basis and external funding could not be secured quickly enough. ed.note: It was a fun ride, though. Hell, I was only 24! :-)

The original RadioLINK website was lost in a server crash, as were some of the episode's archived audio files. But this site has been created to preserve the remaining shows and provide a reference for Aaron's hosting & producing skills as they were in early 2001. Since then he's gone on to be Technical Director for the NPR shows Living on Earth and also The Infinite Mind