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About the Hosts

Aaron Read RadioLINK was hosted by Aaron Read (aka "Aaron Bishop") and Katie Klencheski (aka "Katie Kay"). Here are the original bios:

Aaron is the show's host, engineer, and general King of the Geeks. For far more detail and engineering know-how than you ever wanted - ask Aaron. It's his job to explain all this techie stuff on the show...then it's Katie's job to really explain what the hell Aaron's talking about to the rest of us.

Katie is the show's co-host and admitted non-techie. She helps the rest of the world make sense of Aaron's techno-babble and inserts her own witty and sharp commentary along the way. Katie is also Chief Producer for the News Department at WMFO, and a pretty damn good cook.

Since RadioLINK's time Katie has graduated from Tufts University, the owner of WMFO, and moved on to bigger and better things.

Aaron has also moved on; after RadioLINK he joined Broadcast Signal Lab as a Staff Engineer...and continues to work there providing engineering & operational support to WZBC / Boston College, WBRS / Brandeis University, and WZLY / Wellesley College. He's also been an Associate Producer (ITwebcast) for ITworld.com, a Webcast Technician for TechOnLine, and more recently has served as Technical Director for two separate NPR shows: Living on Earth & The Infinite Mind.

Aaron's full resume is available at http://www.friedbagels.com/about.html and you can also download an MP3 of Aaron voicing a piece on Air Traffic Controllers (3.2MB) for The Infinite Mind's show on Multitasking that aired in April 2005.