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RadioLINK was a six-week series that aired every Wednesday on WMFO. A rundown of each show and the show's guests is provided here, and links to Windows Media Audio, RealAudio or MP3 files are provided where archives are available.

Hosts - Aaron Read & Katie Kay
News Anchor - "Daphne TTS-Windows"
Senior Producer - Aaron Read
Engineers - Aaron Read & Katie Kay
Production Assistance - Mike Dupuy & Levi Novy
Theme Music - INXS
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3 / 07 / 2001 And the Cat Played On... (31:41)
Click to play in Windows Media Player The infamous cat with the headphones has used up eight of its nine lives; Napster has fought and won, fought and lost, and just fought...but much to the Recording Industry Association of America's (RIAA) chagrin - it's still up and operating, and millions of users are still swapping music - usually illegally - every day. The record labels are screaming that Napster is the end of the world as we know it, but what about the musicians themselves? Sure Metallica hates Napster, but they're in the highly unusual position of owning their own music (and therefore, all the profits off their music). What about the real "little guys"? The answer might surprise you - and we'll take a look at what the future holds for peer-to-peer networking that Napster made famous - should the Cat actually get skinned.

Join us and make the Musician's Napster Link with guest:
Ann Harrison of Network World

02 / 28 / 2001 Give me back my preferences! (30:36)
Click to play in RealPlayerClick to play in Windows Media Player Many companies are taking a little too much liberty in making decisions for us with their software. Last year AOL's 5.0 software made it difficult...if not impossible...to dial-in to any other ISP besides AOL. Last week United Parcel Service's latest release, WorldShip 3.0, resets a user's web browser's home page to UPS's web site. And let's not get started on how browsers like to check to see if they're the "default" for all web content...or how media players do the same for all media files. Is this trend going to continue, or get better or worse? Is it legal? What can the average person do to keep their sanity?

Join us and make the Preferences Link with guests:
Mathew Schwartz of Computerworld
Joe O'Leary III (Commentary)

02 / 21 / 2001 Out of Control Patents (27:59)
Click to play in Windows Media Player Patents are being granted at an alarming rate for things that don't even exist, and maybe never will. Predatory filing is rampant...is innovation being stifled? Or can pre-emptive patent filing actually spur a company to be more daring with what it creates?

Tune in and make the PATENTly crazy Link with guests:
Bradley Wright of Banner & Witcoff LTD.
Ellen Messmer of NetworkWorld
Joe O'Leary III (Commentary)

02 / 14 / 2001 The War of the Typed Word (29:40)
Click to play in Windows Media PlayerAOL, Yahoo, MSN - what do they all have in common? Instant messaging! It's not just a fad, but it's not quite a legitimate business method, either...or is it? Can IM make your employees more productive? How do you deal with every IM provider fighting hard to be your ONLY provider? Are they a risk factor for viruses on your network?

Join us to make the Instant Messaging link with guests:
Jennifer DiSabatino of Computerworld
Joel Shore of ITworld.com (Commentary)

02 / 05 / 2001 Is DSL going belly up? (36:28)
Click to play in RealPlayerClick to play MP3 for iPodsLast year Flashcom roared on the DSL provider scene promising internet at rocket speeds. Last week Flashcom rocketed out of business instead. Digital Subscriber Links are a huge jump forward in the solution to the infamous "last mile" problem; providing internet access at speeds much faster than dial-up. But is the competition so fierce that Cable TV's cablemodems will leave them all in the dust? Or could some other technology swoop in instead?

Make the Titanic of high-speed connections link with guests:
Lisa Pierce of Giga Information Group
Martin LaMonica of Infoworld
Mark Schlack of ITworld.com (Commentary)

01 / 31 / 2001 One-two punch against Microsoft
Sorry, no audio archive available(Sorry - no archive available)

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